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As an adult, would you allow your children to eat processed food every day, knowing the long term affects it could cause to their health? Unfortunately, this is what is happening to ducks every day. When your child approaches you and asks whether they can go to the local pond or riverbank to feed the ducks, it’s likely that the first thing that comes to mind is bread; this is because it can be bought cheap, children find it easy to throw, and it’s not dangerous if the child eats it. However, it can be very harmful for the ducks.

We do not tend to consider any of the negative consequences that come from bread consumption. If we were to be put on an exclusive diet of bread/carbohydrates, we would eventually become overweight. As we know, being overweight can trigger a lot of health problems in humans – it is no different for ducks. About 90% of people who feed ducks feed them white bread.  Obesity in ducks is just one of the many issues that is caused by this. Recently, a friend and I visited a local river to go see the ducks; however we noticed raised wings on one of the birds. After researching this deformity it appeared to be an ‘angel wing’ - a condition known to be a side-effect from obtaining a diet of excessive carbohydrates.

It is likely that individuals do not realise how often food is being offered to the ducks. Chris Park, a nature park’s conservation officer since 1990, states “People come along and think they aren’t getting fed but then ten minutes later somebody else will turn up with a big bag full”. As a result of this, water birds aren’t able to consume the amount that is given. This leads to leftover bread rotting within the water, attraction of other birds and land rodents, as well as water pollution. Obviously, this is very off-putting to visitors as well as local residents. The amount of people wanting to visit will drastically decrease due to this, meaning that ducks will have gone from being overfed, to being starved.

Some national parks are starting to take these issues into consideration however that isn’t enough. We still need more people to help raise awareness. Ferry Meadows Country Park in Peterborough have put their ducks on a diet of no carbohydrates in attempt to reduce to obesity and malnutrition rates within them. The park visitors also been banned from bringing in loaves, instead the wardens have replaced the bread with health pallets. The park officer claims, “’Since we brought in the changes there has already been a drastic improvement. We don’t have a rat problem anymore and we don’t have any issues with angel wing among the ducklings.” This shows that duck feeding does not need to be banned completely, but we must act upon the problem.

After conducting some experiments to see what people thought on this subject, it became clear that awareness was the main issue. One person stated that “I haven’t fed them bread since I saw a [social media] post that says the bread isn’t good for them.” Whereas another person stated “I think feeding ducks bread is good.” You can clearly distinguish the fact the first person is aware of the problems associated with feeding ducks bread and therefore no longer does it whereas the second person is oblivious of its negative impacts and thus continues feeding ducks bread believing they’re doing a fantastic deed for society.

There are ways an adult such as yourself can help regarding this situation. The most obvious way to reduce the amount of bread being fed to ducks is taking into consideration what you’re feeding ducks. Instead of going to the local shop to buy a loaf of bread, buy a pack of seeds as an alternative. Other foods which are good for ducks and are considered healthy and nutritious include: grapes cut in half, oats, barley, cracked corn, birdseeds, gains, defrosted frozen peas and duck food pellets.

By stopping this we can protect the health and welfare of ducks that is still very much under threat as well as prevent ducks from obtaining serious health problems. As stated above, people who still do this may be completely unaware of the issue they are causing - reason why it’s so important to improve the awareness about this cause. Spreading the word is crucial so more people realise the damage their good intentions are causing.

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